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Lose Weight Fast Newry

Need to look good for holiday or Christmas or just want to fit back in to your favourite dress. Lose weight through a couple hours a week training. For effective weight loss you need a partner and someone to help your hand and guide you in the right direction. Steven Malone Personal Trainer is a qualified personal trainer and knows the methods to help you lose wieight...

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Lose Weight Fast - Fast Weight Loss

Need to lose weight fast or looking for a great weight loss program then Steven Malone Personal Trainer can help you achieve this weight loss. Just ring Steven for a free consultation and get your weight loss started.

Lose Weight Fast

lose weight fast Newry

From Newry or surrounding area and want to lose weight fast. Steven Malone is your personal trainer to lose weight fast. A local trainer from Newry, Steven Malone will make you lose weight fast

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Git Fit Quick Newry

Get fit now with personal training in Newry, with a personal trainer in Newry dedicated to making you fit to improve your performance in Sport or other activities.

Sports Training

Sports Fitness Newry

Steven Malone Personal Trainer can create programs and fitness regimes to get you performing at your best for your chosen sport wether it's GAA, rugby or even golf. Get in contact now

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